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Thought for today

Hi Universe,

So from the essence of William Kennedy, today’s thoughts include:
Focus on the achievements not the bereavements

Essentially what this is about for me is focusing on what I have achieved in the 24 hours allotted to me in each day, instead of getting to bedtime and going oh shit I forgot this and that..blah blah blah… when I have, on any day achieved so much.
Hope it helps someone
Hugs N Beer

Bill xx

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What Keeps Big Momma warm? – Dont ask Science – it doesn’t know

What spreads the sea floors and moves the continents? What melts iron in the outer core and enables the Earth’s magnetic field? Heat. Geologists have used temperature measurements from more than 20,000 boreholes around the world to estimate that some 44 terawatts (44 trillion watts) of heat continually flow from Earth’s interior into space. Where does it come from?

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